3 of the Best Apps to Identify the Songs You Just Can’t Remember

In the old days, if you heard a song playing on the radio or on TV, you’d just have to wrack your brain until something popped out. It was rather frustrating. But nowadays, thanks to the stupendous power of the internet, there are apps to identify the songs you just can’t remember. So, here are three of the best apps to end your suffering. Finally, you can put a name to that song that’s worming its way through your brain.
  1. Shazam

Shazam is the Rolls Royce of music identification apps. You can get it for Android or iOS, no problem. All you have to do is hit the magic blue circle after opening the app and let it identify the songs for you. After a moment it will buzz, and the app will come up with your song title and artist, just like that. You can even rig it to search automatically when you open the app.
  1. SoundHound

This app is a bit like Shazam in that you have a big, obvious button to push to identify the songs you can’t remember. You can also activate it with your voice. After all, when something is playing on the radio, time is of the essence. You don’t want to run out of time while you’re fumbling with the phone. You could miss the end of the song. So, if you just say “OK Hound,” you can activate it. This is also the app that you want if the song isn’t playing right now and you want to be able to just hum the tune to get it that way.
  1. SpotSearch

SpotSearch isn’t free, but if you’re a Spotify addict, this is the perfect app for you to get your music fix. You can search by lyrics and then get a link directly to Spotify to listen to it there right away. You can also search to identify the songs you need on YouTube. Thanks to these three apps, you no longer have to wrack your brain to remember a song title. All of these apps are easy to use and identify the songs you need to know. So, give them a try and save your brain cells.

Charting the Success of Lil Nas X’s “Old Town Road”

Lil Nas X’s hit song, Old Town Road has been the top song on the Billboard Hot 100 list for weeks now. At less than two minutes, the song is not only catchy and popular, but it also has quite a story, as well. Here’s a quick rundown of how the hit song came to become as big of a phenomenon as it has been.

The Beginnings

The song is a blend of hip hop and country music. So, it has a unique sound that users on the TikTok social media app noticed. So, people created memes they based on the song. Also, Lil Nas X created a music video for the song using footage from the popular video game, Red Dead Redemption 2. This grassroots popularity eventually boiled over to mainstream success. Also, it happened when Old Town Road showed up on both the hip hop and country music charts.

The Controversy

Billboard soon decided that the song was not “country” enough to warrant charting on the country charts. So, they removed it from the country charts. This spurred allegations of discrimination and bias by Billboard. However, the controversy helped the song perform better when people came out in support of Lil Nas X and his song. And one of these people, in particular, was country music legend, Billy Ray Cyrus.

The Remix

Soon, they remixed the song in collaboration with Billy Ray Cyrus. And it was that remix, as well as the music video, that helped boost the song. And its popularity continues to this day. Old Town Road currently holds the record for the longest amount of time spent at number one on the Billboard charts by a hip hop song. Amazingly, that record continues to get larger by the day. Where Lil Nas X will go after the immense success of his song remains to be seen. But the young artist has made a huge impact on American culture.

Free Music Services: Amazon and Google Join Spotify

The world’s biggest streaming service has run into some trouble. Spotify saw their stock prices take a hit among rumors Amazon would offer free music services to their offerings. The actual announcement was somewhat of a disappointment, however, considering the fact that Amazon’s free music must be accessed through its Alexa devices specifically. It was hardly the brazen roll-out expected.

Free Music Services are Unlimited on Amazon’s Echo Devices

Users will be able to play the music using only their voices, though they cannot play specific songs. They will only be able to play songs according to artist and playlist. This latest push is a threat to not only Spotify but also Facebook. The addition of free music speaks not only to Amazon’s growing ambitions as a music streaming service, but also their growth ambitions in advertising. The free music option through Echo will include advertisements. This is because its free music is sponsored. Amazon has recently made efforts to increase its advertising income. In only two years Amazon has gone from pulling in 2.9 billion to raking in $10.1 billion through advertising. Their free music offer is considered to be a clever method of boosting both Amazon’s income from advertising and sales of its Echo devices.

Google’s Free Music Services and YouTube

On the other hand, Google raked in $32.6 billion in advertising last year. They also plan to benefit from advertising revenue through their offer of free music. Google’s free music offer is tied to its Google Home devices and other speakers. This includes those lines of speakers that include Google Assistant. This means speakers made by Sony and more brands will qualify. They’re including a free version of YouTube Music through their speakers, but it also includes advertisements. Users will only be able to search and play by genre, however. Prior to the announcements, Spotify was the only big streaming service offering a free service. It was an integral part of their business, though it has faced considerable criticism, in part because it drives down the number of pay artists receive from streams of their music. Still, Google and Amazon will not offer a robust catalog offered by Spotify. Both Google and Amazon’s services will only feature limited catalogs. While it’s thought the offers won’t take away too much from Spotify’s fairly loyal customer base, they are likely to dip into some of the advertising income Spotify currently enjoys.

8 of the Best Ways for Music Lovers to Make Some Cash

If you love music, you don’t have to just sit at home and enjoy it. You can look for creative ways to make some cash off your passion. Even if you’re not a musician, you can find all kinds of side hustles that pertain to music. One idea would be to run an online music store where you can sell CDs and vinyl albums of all kinds of genres. Another idea would be to create a music niche website and use affiliate marketing to monetize it. Here are eight additional ways for music buffs to make money.
  1. Start a YouTube Channel

If you’re a new musician who has a message to share with a wide audience, start a YouTube channel. You can feature all of your original songs and sell your own downloads through links you can include in the description. Another idea would be to create a music release review channel. You would give your honest opinions on the latest CDs.
  1. Be a Mobile DJ

If you specialize in a certain music genre, you can work at parties, weddings, and other local events as a mobile DJ. Here is a helpful resource that details how you can get started.
  1. Jobs With Music Streaming Services

Another idea to make some cash would be to find remote jobs with music streaming services such as Pandora or Spotify. You can work in departments such as customer service, social media or promotions.
  1. Teach Music Lessons

For those who are trained musicians, a cool idea would be to teach music lessons in your home, at schools, local community centers or at client’s homes. Create some flyers and bring them to the above-mentioned places. You can also place some ads on Craigslist and in local classified ads. If you have friends whose children need music tutors, offer your services to them.
  1. Write for Online Music Magazines

If you love music and are skilled at writing, then write for a few online music magazines. You could write do interviews and write reviews and opinion pieces about the music industry. Also, you can make recommendations for the best music festivals in certain cities. This is probably the most enjoyable for a music lover to make some cash.
  1. Sell Music Courses Online

This is an amazing way of earning passive income as a musician. You can sell courses on proper guitar playing techniques, best ways to network with insiders in the music business, how to understand record contracts, or jazz piano techniques. The list is endless, and you can teach multiple courses to maximize profits. Two neat websites for online courses are Udemy and Teachable.
  1. Work at a Radio Station

Even in this digital age, radio stations are alive and well. You want to create a short demo tape that is no more than 15 minutes long that shows how well you would do during a radio broadcast. You want to mail these along with your resume to the local radio stations you’re interested in.
  1. Create a Music App

Before you do this, you need to make sure that your music app idea isn’t one that is already in use and that successful. Your idea should be unique yet still have the potential for growth. SPIN Magazine has a list of music app ideas to inspire you.

Nicki Manaj: The Real Reasons Behind the Canceled Tour Dates

Nicki Minaj has just finished her Nicki Wrld Tour, but she couldn’t seem to stop canceling her tour dates. If the rapper is to be believed she seems to be beset with technical difficulties, forcing her to cancel a few tour dates that have left fans reeling. So, what are the real reasons behind Nicki Minaj’s canceled tour dates? Read on to learn more.

Canceled Dates and Coachella Difficulties

Of course, Nicki has recently made news for the technical difficulties that have followed her all the way to the Coachella stage during her performance with Ariana Grande. Minaj and Grande were unable to hear the music during their performances, making it difficult for the friends to sing along to. It was only the latest in the saga of technical difficulties for the rapper. Fans didn’t take the news of the canceled European dates so well. Nicki got an unwelcome surprise as former fans chanted “Cardi B!” to express their displeasure surrounding her canceled French and Dublin stops.

More of Nicki Minaj’s Canceled Tour Dates

Also, she canceled her Dublin date due to particularly rough weather within Ireland that meant some of the star’s equipment was unable to make the performance. Nicki has also canceled dates in Bratislava, Slovakia, and Bordeaux, France. The performances were canceled so late that fans had already entered the venue. Nicki claims that the venues lacked the power to host the rapper. Clearly, Nicki felt bad for her fans, holding a meet and great for them at the Slovakia stop. She would later take to Instagram to try and appease the angry fans, claiming that the venues didn’t inform her they would be unable to properly host her until immediately before the performances.

Will a Change in Management Fix Nicki Minaj’s Problems?

Though the rapper claimed this was due to technical difficulties, some have noted that tickets for the European stops were not selling well. In fact, Nicki was later forced to offer 2-for-1 tickets to her London stop. The star had already canceled the North American leg of her tour late last year due to poor ticket sales. But the bad news doesn’t end there for the rap star. In addition to recent career drama, Nicki Minaj decided to disassociate from her long-time management team in late April. Fans can only hope that helps her ticket sales in the future.

All About Beyonce’s Homecoming: The Live Album

Ever since she stepped onto the music scene, Beyoncé has never missed a chance to surprise her audience. In fact, she has built her career by leaving her fans eager for more. Over the years, Beyoncé transcended from being just a name to becoming a brand. She went from being the leading singer from Destiny’s Child to a dancer, actress, entrepreneur, producer, activists and beyond. And with her album, Homecoming: The Live Album, she doesn’t disappoint.

Coachella: Beyoncé Sets the Bar Higher

Over the years, the Coachella Music Festival has been the scene of amazing stage set-ups and live performances by famous artists. And they include Eminem, The Weekend and Daft Punk. The expectation arises every year around the Coachella Music Festival. However, Beyoncé’s performance in 2018 set the bar higher. In fact this time, Netflix filmed the whole show to revive the experience only a few thousand people were fortunate to enjoy. Now the 37-year-old celebrity joins the Netflix family, joining her fellow singers such as Taylor Swift.

Homecoming: The Live Album

Facing the audience dressed as an African Queen, scepter in hand and the crowd cheering: “Bey-Chella,” is how “Queen B” welcomed her live album. She launched Homecoming: The Live Album and it includes an orchestra and a stage full of dancers and singers in band uniforms during the entire performance. But this crowded stage was not just an ornament. They were there to portray the singer’s concept for this presentation. And that included the diversity and talent of African Americans. During the documentary, the singer describes how she embraces the Black culture. Also, she talks about how she wants people to see the amount of beauty and talent they have. The complexity of every dance routine and the coordination in each of the songs was remarkable. Interestingly, it was the result of eight months of preparation for Beyoncé and her team.

Flawless Choreography and Vocals

As usual, Beyoncé prepared an elaborate choreography. Also, she kept a flawless vocal performance during the show while singing her famous hits like Crazy in Love and Drunk in Love. In addition, she released a 40-track album. It’s now available on iTunes with the concert film featuring two bonus tracks at the end. Beyoncé maintains her cheerful energy in the presentation through the two-hour performance, showing all her skills. And they go from reaching the higher notes to rapping and dancing. The singer was also the producer and director. She took care of every detail such as the magical cinematographic effect where the performer’s outfits changed colors in between shots during the same song. With an a Capella performance of her theme Love on Top, Beyoncé closes one of the most iconic presentations in Coachella history. So, it is not surprising that the documentary has become a massive success.

Why Woodstock 50 Matters More Than Ever

A lot of people have called Woodstock 50 a big joke compared to the Woodstock festivals of the past. In fact, they have criticized the artist lineup since the first announcements. People complain that there are not enough stars, not enough draw and not enough big acts. But think about the Woodstock festivals of the past. Many “no name artists” performed at the original Woodstock. And what about the artists that performed at the 30th Anniversary of Woodstock?

The Original One and Only Woodstock Festival

People revere the headliners of the original Woodstock to this day as rock gods and goddesses. There was Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, The Grateful Dead, The Who and the unfortunate incident with the Hells Angels security for the Rolling Stones. But what about Joan Baez, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Sly and the Family Stone, and Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young? And who could forget Joe Cocker and Richie Havens? These are the names everyone knows, yet they don’t associate them with the legendary festival. And most people didn’t know them back when they first performed in front of that gigantic audience. They had no idea it would earn them a lifetime of music legend status.

Woodstock 1999

In 1999, Woodstock’s Anniversary Festival featured Kid Rock, Ice Cube, Dave Matthews, and Everclear. Also, Alanis Morrisette, Limp Bizkit, Counting Crows, Rage Against the Machine and Metallica performed. In fact, the sheer numbers of artists who came on the East, West and Emerging artists stages was immense. No matter how you slice it, it is still Woodstock. To the naysayers, it may be “watered down” or a “commercial play” to sell albums and performers, this is a chance to see the current as well as upcoming artists. You may even recapture that absolute spirit of freedom to love music.

The Woodstock 50 Lineup

The lineup is chock full of names you know like Jay-Z, Halsey, Imagine Dragons and Miley Cyrus. It also includes Akon, Gary Clark Jr, Maggie Rogers, Chance the Rapper and The Killers. The list of those you might not know and get a once in a lifetime chance to say that “You were there for the first one” is almost endless. So, check out the entire lineup of artists for Woodstock 50. And for information on getting tickets, you can subscribe to the mailing list for updates on the official Woodstock 50 website.

10 of the Most Watched Music Videos on YouTube

Many artists make their mark on the industry by posting their music videos on YouTube. And, the list is growing since it is so easy to post on the site. From Justin Bieber to Ed Sheeran, the list goes on and on. These artists have grown in popularity thanks to YouTube and the number of views they’ve received. So keep reading to find out about the top 10 most watched music videos on YouTube.

Not Just One Hit Wonders

If you go to YouTube, there are certain songs that will keep showing up on the main page, such as Despacito by Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee or Shape of You by Ed Sheeran. These are the two most-watched songs on YouTube, along with Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars, Gangnam Style by Psy, Sorry by Justin Bieber and Sugar by Maroon 5. Katy Perry’s, Roar and Taylor Swift’s, Shake it Off are not far behind.

Why Are These Music Videos So Popular?

What do these songs have in common? Sure, many of them are written by people who are quite popular, such as Sheeran, Maroon 5 and Katy Perry. However, you may never have heard any other songs by Luis Fonsi or Psy. In fact, Psy’s song, Gangnam Style was the first one to get a billion views even though it’s in Korean and most of the people listening to it don’t speak Korean. The same goes for Despacito which is being listened to by people who don’t speak Spanish and don’t even understand what the title means, which is “slowly.”

Almost All of These Music Videos Have a Fast Beat

So why have these songs become so popular? One of the main reasons is because they have a great beat. Many of us like to listen to music while we’re walking, jogging or dancing, not just when we’re sitting around. So, we tend to go for songs which make us want to move and Despacito and Gangnam Style definitely do that. In fact, if you go through this entire list of top 10 songs, you’ll find that they’re all quite fast and dance-worthy, except for See You Again by Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth, which alternates between a slow melody and a fast rap section.

Sexy, Humorous, Relatable Music Videos

Another thing that you’ll find in these top 10 songs is that they all have appealing music videos. Despacito has an exotic feel, since they shot it in Puerto Rico, with undertones of sex appeal. Shape of You, however, breaks the mold by featuring a romance between two characters who meet while boxing. Justin Bieber’s, Sorry is also essentially a humorous video even though it features attractive women twerking. There’s a certain relatability about these videos that might be appealing to viewers. They don’t always feature people who look perfect but rather people that viewers can relate to easily.

Introducing Luminary, the Controversial Netflix of Podcasts

Luminary, a New York/Chicago-based startup, recently unveiled a revolutionary new service. Labeling themselves as the “Netflix for podcasts,” Luminary hopes to change the face of internet-based media as people understand it. Backed by a whopping $100 million in pre-launch funding, the on-demand podcasting platform is offering a smartphone app. The app provides access to a multitude of shows exclusive to the company, which is another move that resembles Netflix. Currently, the service costs consumers $7.99 per month for all the complete features. But there will also be a free subscription for those interested in testing the waters before diving in first. The most obvious barrier that stands in their way is that most individuals don’t normally consider paying to be able to listen to their favorite podcasts. Podcasting started roughly around 15 years ago as a not-for-profit form of media when it comes to charging listeners. Fans of various podcasts show their support for the content creators by donating via platforms like Patreon. But these sorts of gestures are, for obvious reasons, usually not an expectation. The only real source of income for podcasters is advertising revenue, which they generally base and grant entirely on the number of listeners for each podcast. But that means newer podcasts usually have a tougher time acquiring enough listeners to break even for their initial investment costs, such as web hosting and equipment purchases. And that means profiting is a rare bonus. According to their website, Luminary will allow new users to try their premium services free for a month. With over 90 million Americans listening to podcasts per month, now might be a fantastic time to check out this promising platform. After all, even Netflix had to start somewhere.

Music and More: The Perfect Gift Ideas for Pre-Teen Girls

Do you know a pre-teen girl? Whether she is your daughter, niece or even grandchild, it can be hard to decide on the perfect gift. But if you’re stumped on what to buy, fear no more. Something that is music-oriented is always a winner, but that’s not all. So, keep reading to find lots of great gift ideas for pre-teen girls.
  1. Digital Camera

Many pre-teens use their phones to take pictures, but it doesn’t mean that they wouldn’t want a digital camera. Some pre-teens have their own blogs, and the digital camera can help them take amazing pictures that will boost traffic for the blog. Other pre-teens might use their cameras to document school events or family vacations.
  1. Portable Speaker

Portable speakers are great because they allow your daughter’s room or the basement to become a dance hall. Her friends will never want to leave your house once they find out that your daughter has one of the best gadgets around for having a good time.
  1. Fun Sleepwear

Every girl likes to wear cute pajamas, so you can get a few pairs of beautiful sleepwear for your pre-teen daughter. This is especially a good gift for girls who travel a lot during the summer or who host sleepovers often.
  1. Subscription to Music Streaming Service

Pre-teens love music, and you can purchase a subscription to a music streaming service such as Pandora or Spotify. Your daughter can dance or sing along with her favorite artists while in the car or in her room as she cleans up.
  1. Hairstyling Tools

Your daughter might like to wear her hair in different ways, and hairstyling tools would make a neat gift. These tools can include hair bows, hair creams, ponytail holders, bobby pins, and styling gel.
  1. Tablet Computer

You don’t want to encourage your daughter to spend excess time on an electronic device but these days most young people love all things digital. She can visit her favorite websites, read emails, do research for school, and download games to the computer.
  1. Tickets to a Teen-Friendly Concert or Event

Another idea would be to give your daughter tickets to her favorite upcoming event. She can go with a friend, then go shopping or eat out afterward. In conclusion, these gift ideas will make your daughter happy on her special day.