“Bedroom” Studio Film

[jwplayer SvipeCWC]


I am excited to share my debut solo single/music video, “Bedroom”. I recorded and produced the song at my home studio in Austin Texas, and performed the instrumentation except for the saxophone***. I also created the video in my bedroom as well. So needless to say this is a very bedroom-oriented project. Ha!

This song was inspired by a true story. The subject was actually my muse for about a year, and he caused me to experience quite a bit of heartache and an enormous amount of inspiration! As an artist, I am an alchemist; I can take any experience and allow my mind to take it through a series of identities and definitions until it becomes understood through a multitude of perceptions and expressions. This is the power of any human who intends to interact creatively with an experience. Our reality is not objective, like facts just rolling out. It is subjective, and the shifting of our beliefs and moods completely shift the energetic qualities and lessons of the experience we are undertaking. Reality is more like a kaleidoscope of shifting perspectives. We are able to learn so much about ourselves when we allow the reflection to change. For instance, in this song I am playing the aspect of myself that begs for reciprocity. However in other songs about the same man, I play the aspect of myself who is empowered and unbothered, or the aspect of myself who is angry and resentful, or the aspect of myself who believes in the true love bond of the souls. All different imaginings of the same experience! Amazing! Enjoy!


***Funny story, actually: one day, I was leaving the grocery store and I heard a horn in the distance. I followed its call and suddenly I was standing before a young brother blasting beautiful tones and melodies from his saxophone out into the parking lot. I dropped a dollar in his open case, and listened until the song was done. I asked him if he’d like to be on a track, and then he came to my studio and recorded the solo which you now can hear at the end of “Bedroom” — I haven’t heard from him since! Thank you, amazing saxophone angel, wherever you are!