24 Facts

Mozart sold more CDs in 2016 than Beyonce.

The most expensive musical instrument in the world is a Stradivarius violin that sold for $15.9 million.

The harmonica is the world’s best selling instrument.

People prefer the original versions of songs because it’s the first version they heard, not because it’s better.

A 2007 study found that music, especially classical music, helps plants grow faster.

In 1981 David Bowie and Queen wrote and recorded “Under Pressure” during a 24 hour wine and cocaine binge.

Prince played every instrument on his first album.

The song “One Horse Open Sleigh” was written as a Thanksgiving tune to honour sleigh races happening in Massachusetts. People liked it so much they altered the lyrics to create the popular Christmas song “Jingle Bells”.

According to Paul McCartney, the “you” in “Got To Get You Into My Life” was marijuana.

During the 1989 US invasion of Panama, the US military blasted AC/DC at General Noriega’s compound for two days straight until the dictator surrendered.

Music was an Olympic event from 1912 to 1948.

Monty Python and the Holy Grail was funded almost entirely by members of Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd.

Warner Music Group collects approximately $2 million/year in licensing fees for the song “Happy Birthday To You”.

Rapper NoClue set the world record in 2005 for fastest rapper by rapping 723 syllables in 51.27 seconds.

Leo Fender, who developed the first solid-body electric guitar and electric bass guitar, never learned to play either instrument.

Sex, eating, and music all release dopamine, the “pleasure chemical” in the brain.

 None of the Beatles could read or write music.

For every $1000 in music sold, the average musician makes $23.40.

Metallica is the first and only band to perform on all seven continents after playing a concert in Antarctica called “Freeze ‘Em All”.

Eminem’s “The Real Slim Shady” was written 3 hours before the final cut of the album was due to the record company.

Your heartbeat mimics the beat of the music you’re listening to.

A 2015 study revealed that babies remain calm twice as long when listening to a song than when listening to talking.

1 in 10,000 people have perfect pitch, the ability to recognize a pitch without any reference.

Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield released an album of songs entirely recorded in space.





Photo by Didgeridoo_street_player.jpg: Noel Feans derivative work: Tomer T [CC BY 2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)]