Artist Spotlight: Feral The Earthworm

[jwplayer sjqIIzw0]

Feral The Earthworm is a young poet and MC from Houston, Texas. He is a focused free spirit and creative anarchist driven by a love for self expression, self-actualization, and social justice. Set with the strong intention to make his deepest desires a reality, and to inspire the world to be a more authentic and righteous place, this young entrepreneur has accomplished some truly miraculous things.

I first met Feral in 2013, when I saw him perform onstage in Austin TX. He commanded the stage with his presence and was deliberate with his concepts and lyrical word-flow — I was impressed! About a year later, we embarked on a tour from Texas to New York City with my previous band, Fifth Nation. Feral had always spoke passionately about his vision of abandoning the traditional lifestyle and living in a van to enjoy the freedom of traveling and making music as he pleased. That tour was the final push for him — when he returned to Texas, he began to really make moves. He worked hard, saved up, bought the van of his dreams, and constructed a beautiful home inside — complete with a bed, stove, desks, closets, solar panels, and even a projector and screen. (Watch the video above to get an inside look!)

Feral is living proof that with passion, focus and hard work, dreams come true! It is so beautiful to witness his progress, his seed blooming into the full grown manifestation of its purpose. His story is not only an inspiration to other creative artists or entrepreneurs, but truly anyone who desires a life of expansion and adventure. I am so proud of Feral for working diligently to make his vision a reality — he is a very unique and shining example that if you dream something, you can do it!

Stay tuned for Feral’s second album VANARCHY: Coming Summer 2017