Artist Spotlight: Fiona Silver

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Fiona Silver’s debut album: LITTLE THUNDER, now available!

Fiona Silver is a Manhattan-based singer, songwriter, guitarist, and producer. I met Fiona at a nightclub in Brooklyn in 2010 and we became fast friends. When a recent tour took her to Austin, TX, we caught up for an interview.

Fiona Silver is hypnotic. Her music is deeply emotional, expressing vulnerability and empowerment and the search for connection between her own darkness and joy. The sound is a seductive blend of jazz, vintage 60s girl group soul, classic rock and modern indie rock. The range of her incredible voice can stretch from a soft lilting lullaby to a full-on rebel yell. Her badass attitude is contrastingly complimented by her feminine beauty, charm and grace — as if Barbie made a Riot Grrrl doll. At the center of her range of moods and expressions is a zen sense of peace, grounded in a deep acceptance, understanding, and appreciation for the pain and beauty of life. She is truly a unique character and valuable artist of our time.

Ms. Silver has been featured on NPR’s All Things Considered, Ukulele Magazine, Go!, Pure Volume, Culture Collide, Examiner, and Curve Magazine, and is currently endorsed by Luna Guitars. She has already garnered national attention from her coast-to-coast tours, and on June 23 2017 she released her debut album Little Thunder (available now on iTunes and Spotify). As Paste Magazine said in a recent review of Little Thunder: “Fiona Silver clearly demands immediate attention.” Be sure to tune into this incredible artist on the rise!