Captaining Your Network

I asked my business partner Tommy, an artist manager for rappers and DJs based in Texas and Canada, to send me some thoughts about working in the music business. Here’s what he had to say:


Many underground/local artists view themselves as gods in this new music era. What many fail to understand is that their voice and style aren’t the whole package. Thats only part of it.  The thing about it is that you don’t have to be perfect; but you sure do have to work hard and smart and push beyond your limits to make music your career. This is a life route your trying to pave out right?

Not everybody is fortunate enough to have the resources they need in their face. Thats when networking comes into play. Networking and building bridges are neck and neck on the priorities list with your voice and style. Majority of the music industry is business so picture networking as cultivating relationships that will lead to successful ventures. Your music is your business so you need to expand it every way possible. Too many fail to realize this because they are too focused on their craft.

Only you have the power to build your foundation. You need to learn as much as you can about these routes, so you can stay smooth sailing. Solo or not.  Don’t wait on some figure like a manager to take control of your operation when you can study the map and be your own captain. Nobody’s here forever so you have to make sure you yourself have the strength over all. Your mind is important. Get your craft down pat and get to rolling rock star. The journey can be rough so you have to come prepared.



Painting by Yoshida Hiroshi, died in 1950 (book scanning) [Public domain]