Earthworm Update

Audio Nitro debuted last June with a spotlight on Texas MC Feral The Earthworm, my good friend and fellow full-time working artist. Since then, Earthworm has continued to inspire us with his absolute dedication to the craft and to the lifestyle he’s created for himself as a van-dwelling troubadour. During a West Coast tour last fall to promote his fourth album Vanarchy, Earthworm was able to connect with one of his idols, the rapper Wax. Their bond was instant, and soon our hero was invited to join Wax and Mac Lethal’s US tour as a merchant. Here’s his Facebook post from yesterday, where he describes what the adventure has been like so far:

What an incredible opportunity for the Earthworm! We are proud and excited for him to get more first-hand experiences in the industry with some of his all-time favorite artists. If you’re interested in following his journey, please feel free to connect with Earthworm on Facebook and Instagram.