Artist Spotlight: Lil Tae & A-Vo

“Life Is Freedom” – Lil Tae

“You got it, you got everything, you got life” – A-Vo

On Wednesday, I got a call from my beautiful friend Tabitha whose son has been bugging her to bring him to my studio. 12 year old MC Lil Tae took the phone and we spoke about life and music — I was struck by his passion, focus, eloquence, and pure excitement to come over and check out the recording process.

When they arrived yesterday I was pleasantly surprised to see not only Lil Tae and his mama, but also his papa, sister, and little brother A-Vo, who is a budding MC and dancer as well. As I began to show Lil Tae and his sister the ropes, the rest of the family went down to the river behind my house.

I started by describing the purpose and functionality of a midi keyboard, beat machine, audio interface, and DAW (Digital Audio Workstation — I use Ableton). I showed him my plug-ins and the basics of recording and manipulating midi and audio information. He is so sharp and focused — we were off to a great start!

About 10 minutes in, Papa came rushing to the back door with a fish hook in his finger. He and Mama tried to remove it, but ended up having to go to the hospital — leaving me, Lil Tae, and A-Vo to work on some music while they were gone. This was a blessing in disguise because, as you will soon see, A-Vo was able to play a feature role in the interview. ***Editor’s Note: All is well with Papa. The fish hook was successfully removed and we all went out to dinner to celebrate!***

It is such a blessing to have the opportunity to work with these kids. Their energy is incredible — the confidence, the drive, the feeling of absolute freedom and fun — it is so refreshing and motivating! I believe in them and support them 100%. I am inspired and excited to witness their journey unfold. I love this family so much and I am proud to be Auntie Jules!

Now presenting: Lil Tae and A-Vo.


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