Platform Tribalism

Yesterday I rejoined Facebook after years without it, and one of the first things I saw was this post. And I rejoiced!

Humans are tribal by nature. We adapted from primates, as social animals, ill-equipped to live in solitude, requiring communal cooperation, emotional bonds, social homeostasis, justice and reciprocity in order to survive and thrive. When I rejoined Facebook, I instantly recognized how modern tribalism manifests as individuals oriented within themselves, connecting with others somewhat superficially, foregoing genuine connection for personal branding and promotion on a media platform. This all sounds quite quite unromantic, however, as instantly as I felt this, I also recognized that our new way of relating is not so alien from the intimate cooperative primal roots from which we bloom.

Through technology, we can connect with billions of human beings, which far exceeds our ancestral capacity of only a few hundred. Although this may seem to somehow lessen the value of an individual online relationship, we are still resonating with the influx of information on a primal, very human, level. As our brains are taxed with filtering the various stimuli, our consciousness expands. Perhaps, even, we are coming even more deeply into understanding of what is valuable to our survival and what is necessary for our ability to thrive — as individuals, and as a global online tribe. Perhaps, through the contrast provided by our digital reality, we are revealing more what it means to be human.

Personally, my most valued experience so far in this is seeing how we can educate, inspire, and encourage one another from a physical distance. Hence the screenshot I have posted in this blog, which was typed out by a passionate musician sitting thousands of miles away from me. As we continue to thrust forth into the space age of technological tribal intimacy, let us remember to move with the intention set by the depths of our genetic code — the intention to connect, listen, understand, survive, and thrive — to develop our skill to perceive what is valuable and what is not — and to cultivate a social media society that encourages one another through the expression of truth and passion — through what is important and valuable to ourselves not as bodiless brands, but as sensitive and deeply connected human beings!


Let’s Connect On Facebook!



Photo by mkhmarketing [CC BY 2.0 (]