Soul Orchestra

In music there are many voices: percussion, bass, guitar, vocals, strings, horns, keyboards, synthesizers, etc. All of the voices tuned together generate the potential for a radical phenomenon known as a beat, production, band or orchestra. The result of this authentic cooperation is electrifying. Music is so connective, expansive and healing because it demonstrates the beauty of collective harmony, which is what every human being innately craves.

Instruments and their players have learned the joy of mutual gratitude and open-minded exchange. They recognize that their differences benefit each other, and that together they create something incredible beyond anything either of them could do alone. The piccolo would never tell the tuba that she’s “wrong” for not following the same pitch set. They play together, and while they play, they learn how to truly listen to one another so their voices compliment each other tonally, emotionally, and rhythmically. This cohesion feels good.

We can think of every person as a voice in the symphony of humanity. Every voice has a unique tone and pitch, and everyones’ heart is beating to the same rhythm. Our ability to be one harmonious family tends to be undercut by the power we give to the conflicting belief systems we hold in our brains. Instead of tuning up, we might obsess on what we disagree about. Debates can range from a casual exchange of ideas to a knife fight or a World War. But just as instruments would not be able to create expansive music without being different from one another, it is possible to see our differences as necessary. We can interplay with others in a way that seeks the harmony within our differences, rather than focus on dissonance. We can expand our minds beyond attachment to our own personal rules, and tune to the song within us — and the collective — that is truly needed to be sung.

The same process is done for the conflicting dimensions within our own self. For instance, I might think of every quality within me as an instrument in the epic symphony of ME — where one note unites them all. Anxiety comes from resisting some or all of our players, whether they be internal or external. Resistance is futile, but it is also fertile — because it inevitably blooms forth the realization that peace is only found through acceptance and harmony in oneness. The beauty and power of the song which springs from united forces is due to the grand vision of creation which they all share. Tune up.



Photo by Daderot at en.wikipedia [GFDL ( or CC-BY-SA-3.0 (]