Spring Forward

This is a painting I created 9 years ago today. On March 1, 2009, I took a brush and black paint and this design fell out of my heart. I rarely paint, so to see such a graceful and uplifting symbol was unexpected. As I was completing the last strokes, I received an invitation to a house party — an hour later I was in a stranger’s backyard, stepping onto a makeshift stage. Someone had lent me a guitar so there I was, strumming and wailing. Just a minute into my song, a young man stepped up and got on the drums.

This painting proved to be the omen of a tremendous event. That night, the young drummer and I were catapulted into a wild seven-year adventure during which we toured the United States, performed nearly 500 shows, released albums and music videos — all the while sleeping in the van or in the studio or on a stage. Life was a mystery whirlwind, exhilarating and extremely challenging. It was so impactful, in fact, that since our band broke up two years ago I have endured an internal journey of recovering and re-surfacing from my experience. Looking back I am so grateful for the struggle of living as a fearless gypsy artist, because of how much it educated and shaped me — and still does to this day.

This painting is a very meaningful symbol as it represents the divine journey which I’ve been climbing like a holy staircase in service to music. Nine years later I am now feeling a resurgence of the initial momentum I felt when I dropped out of University to be a full-time artist. It makes me appreciate the difficulty of what I went through, and it makes me excited to be a part of the current unfolding. No matter who you are or what you’ve endured, this time marks a seasonal transition which will allow all of us to integrate the past, look forward to the future, and appreciate a new beginning. Thank you!