Super Radiance

In 1993, a group of nearly 4,000 transcendental meditation practitioners lowered violent crime in the city by 23.3% over the course of a two month demonstration. Just one week after the start of the study, violent crime (homicides, rapes and aggravated assaults), began to decrease — between week 6 and 8, the citywide crime rate dropped a staggering 15% from the predicted trend. As soon as the project ended, incidents of violent crime rose again. Over 50 such demonstrations have been conducted around the world since the 1970s — all of which have statistically shown to reduce war deaths, terrorism, crime rates, suicides, and accidents.

The practice of transcendental meditation (TM) brings the brain into a highly coherent state which allows the meditator to experience an expanded awareness and effortless alignment. There is a “lifting into higher levels” of the vibrational field of consciousness: the place from which our experience of reality is projected and perceived. This thrilling expansion has an incredible energetic impact for the individual, including enhanced creativity, reduced anxiety and stress, improved IQ, etc. When individuals come together to perform transcendental meditation together, the power of influence dramatically expands — physically affecting the field of consciousness of the surrounding population. This moment is called Super Radiance, which occurs when the number of TM-Sidhas in the group reach the square root of 1% of the local population. (With a world population of 7.5 billion, only about 9,300 TM-Sidhas would be required to create World Peace in 24 hours — is even accepting donations to establish this global Super Radiance mass meditation!)

There is a music festival happening right now in the city where I currently reside, Austin TX: South By South West. Thousands of people have arrived from all over the world and the energy of the crowds is palpable! Music festivals like this happen every day in which a multitude of humans amass to tune themselves together; everyone aligned to the same beat. Minds are altered, people are letting loose and feeling adventurous and free — these are high vibrational experiences. The impact is felt by everyone in attendance of the powerful group ritual. Even more effective is the growing movement of “conscious festivals”, which are designed with the deliberate intent to commune closely and lift vibration with powerful group-coherent focus. Just as the TM-Sidha demonstrations have statistically shown that a group of minds focused and tuned to the high vibration of well-being have a massive impact on the environment, so we too have the opportunity to play our own part in this phenomenon by gathering en masse with an intent to feel good.




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