Artist Spotlight: The Teeta

For this installation of Artist Spotlight, I chopped it up with one of my good friends The Teeta: rapper, singer, and heavy hustler in the Austin TX hip hop community. With his group Team Next, The Teeta has been prolifically creating for over a decade — just this year alone he released almost 10 albums. All of the elements of his style are unique, from his music to his fashion to his fascinating mind. Over spooky trap beats his relaxed low-toned flow expresses perspectives on love, hate, pleasure and pain. Love is the core principle and driving force for The Teeta, who told me in my kitchen: “God is love. Life is love. That’s what everything is about. That’s really all I’m ever talking about because that’s really all there is.” The Teeta: Killstreak II: Out Now.


[jwplayer HYinL2uH]