Cymatics the study of sound wave phenomena. The word is derived from the Greek “kymatica”, meaning matterns pertaining to waves. Pioneered by Swiss medical doctor and natural scientist Hans Jenny (1904-1972), cymatics demonstrates the visual display of sound as symmetries found throughout the natural world. In Jenny’s experiments, a pure audible tone was introduced onto a plate dusted with inert powders, pastes and liquids. The tone animated the substances into perfect symmetrical patterns, and the patterns shifted as the tone’s pitch changed. These beautiful images are a physical representation of how sound manifests into form.

Knowing what we do about the link between sound and universal geometry (see Chanting CreationMusic and Living: Same Thing and Universal Tuning and the 440 Conspiracy), and now seeing again through the experiments of Cymatics how sound creates form, I would like to propose a hypothesis that all of physical reality is manifested into form by music.


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Photo By Faraday Telsa (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (]

Film clip from Inner Worlds Outer Worlds via Wikimedia Commons