Creators’ Inspiration

Today I would like to share with you a few inspiring quotes from a book called Inside the Music by Dimitri Ehrlich.

In it, famous artists discuss what motivates them to create, and how they thrive in their craft:



“My message is the message of humanity: love and peace.. The goal is to bring people toward brotherhood, to bring them closer to each other, without hatred, without any concern for race, religion, or color.” –Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

“In order to make the music actual, you have to enable it to be. And that takes facing some things inside you that constrict you, your own impurity and mistakes and blockages. As you open up yourself, the music opens up in different directions that lead you in yet other directions.” –Jeff Buckley

“When I’m writing music, I’m actually saying my prayers. I write my prayers down on the paper on my workbench, where I have my piano, and my clavinet, and my music paper. I’m really writing down my prayers. [Starts singing] ‘Spending my day, thinkin ’bout you girl, hmmm’ [laughs]. That’s a good prayer. When you write a song, you’re the conduit, you’re the vessel by which an idea is related.” –Al Green

“So by showing your mind as a mirror, you can make a mirror for other people to recognize their own minds and see familiarity and not feel that their minds are unworthy of affection or appreciation. Basically, poetics is appreciation of consciousness, appreciation of our own consciousness.” –Allen Ginsberg

“I never sit down and go, I’m just gonna do a cool hook and a fun song. I always sit down and ask, What am I gonna try and say this time? What am I gonna do to tell a story and push the limits of where this music can go? That comes from a lot of soul-searching.” –Michael Franti

“There’s this great line in a Chrissie Hynde song where she says, ‘When I first heard a song flying to the sun, I wanted to be one.’ You know, it’s not that you want to sing the song, it’s that you want to be one.” – Joan Osborne

Photo by Claudio Rocchini