Why Lindsey Stirling’s “Warmer in the Winter” is the Holiday Album of the Year

Simon Matzinger at Pexels

Lindsey Stirling is dancing back out of your speakers this holiday season. She has re-released her 2017 Holiday Hit, Warmer in the Winter, as a deluxe edition with five new songs to get you into the holiday spirit. The album is the perfect balance between upbeat and dreamy.

It features a heavy dose of Lindsey Stirling’s archetypal EDM meets classical instrumental masterpiece. Also, it includes some expertly-paired vocals sprinkled perfectly throughout to keep the album from becoming too heavy.

Why You Should Give This Album a Listen This Holiday Season

  1. Perfect for All Situations

Are you throwing a dinner party and want something festive but not distracting? Stirling has you covered with plenty of instrumental-only tracks like Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy, Let it Snow and All I Want For Christmas. Do you need something to bring out when someone wants something to sing along to?

You’ll be surprised to find Stirling’s own dreamy vocals on her beautiful Santa Baby rendition to put on when the eggnog-fueled karaoke hour comes up. From gentler tracks like Hallelujah to more playful tracks like You’re a Mean One Mr. Grinch featuring Sabrina Carpenter on vocals, you have music for every holiday fan in this single album. So, it’s definitely worth having on hand for any holiday gathering.

  1. Looking for Something New

Does listening to the same old holiday standards turn you into a Grinch? This album is anything but your same old holiday collection. Stirling can boast writer credits for Christmas C’mon featuring rapper/singer Becky G, and Time to Fall in Love featuring All Time Low’s Alex Gaskarth. And with the track, Warmer in the Winter, with Stirling on vocals and featuring Trombone Shorty, you won’t find a holiday album like this anywhere.

  1. Loving the Old Holiday Classics

Stirling doesn’t disappoint on the classic holiday favorites in this album. From Carol of the Bells and What Child is This to All I Want for Christmas and Jingle Bell Rock, Stirling delights with new versions of everyone’s favorites.

  1. Supporting an Amazing Artist

You can feel good knowing that you are supporting an amazing, self-made artist when you buy this infectious album. And once you listen to the first track, you won’t be able to stop listening to the rest.

Do yourself a favor and buy, download, or stream Lindsey Stirling’s instant holiday hit, Warmer in the Winter, this holiday season.