The Many Talents of the Hugely Multifaceted Jared Leto

Suvan Chowdhury at Pexels

Jared Leto, the 47-year-old frontman of Thirty Seconds to Mars is launching the latest campaign for the Gucci’s men’s fragrance, “Guilty.” And his fans and peers are astounded by how multifaceted the Oscar-winning actor, model, singer, songwriter and director is. In fact, Leto began his illustrious film career as an actor in the early ‘90s doing television appearances.

From Nike to Nike and Back Again

Leto’s first leading role as the late Steve Prefontaine, the runner. Prefontaine was the inspiration for and the first wearer of the athletic footwear giant Nike. Leto earned much praise in 1997 for the role.

Here’s an interesting footnote: flash forward 21 years to 2018 and Leto sported Nikes for their “Fear of God” collection. But in-between all that, Leto earned Best Supporting Actor in the Academy Award-nominated film Dallas Buyer’s Club, in 2014.

And Then Came Thirty Seconds to Mars

In 1998, along with his brother Shannon, Leto formed the multi-platinum record selling band, Thirty Seconds to Mars. Fans aptly hail them as arena rock, which tends to bleed into the alternative rock genre. The group sells out shows whenever and wherever they tour. In fact, they made it into The Guinness Book of World Records in 2013 for the “Longest Concert Tour by a Rock Band.”

A Legion-Like Fanbase for 30STM

The band acronym, 30STM, is often tattooed on their legion-like fanbase or worn proudly on a band slogan t-shirt. The fans of 30STM have elevated them to something more akin to deity status. Also, their positive lyrics are gospel more than simply good, modern rock songs. It would not surprise their fans if they played during the Super Bowl someday.

However, from 2006 to 2012, Leto took a sabbatical from his acting career to pursue being a rock star. And as always, he transitioned with ease, as with every endeavor he ultimately conquers.