What You Can Expect at the Next Exciting Cher Concert

Mark Angelo at Pexels

When you think of iconic female performances, a Cher concert has to come to mind. Her talent is undeniable. As an artist, she has a place alongside the legends of country, pop and rock. And that is because Cher made crossover cool before Carrie Underwood and Taylor Swift’s parents were parents. At 72, Cher’s net worth is estimated at over $300 million.

That may be less than the legendary one-name wonder and fellow costume enthusiast Madonna, but it’s more than another hardworking, first-name-only artist, Pink. And while Cher’s stage show is less athletic and acrobatic than Pink’s, if there were a concert costume contest, it’s almost certain that Cher would win. Thank you, Bob Mackie.

A Hard Working Woman

Cher’s concert schedule is daunting with regular Las Vegas dates and an almost continual world tour. She performed all over the U.S. and UK in 2018 and scheduled concert dates show no letup in 2019 and beyond. How the singer manages to keep in shape is anyone’s guess, but that she does it is clear. In fact, her costumes are as revealing as ever.

While most international icons lip sync at least a portion of their “live” shows, Cher concert reviews suggest Cher is still putting her vocal cords to use in a fair portion of her shows. There’s no doubt, the Dark Lady fans first met about four decades ago as one half of the Sonny & Cher Show is still one of the hardest working women in music.

Forget the Standard Setlist

Cher is a consummate performer and seems poised to give her audience what they want. Drawing on a vast collection of hits, she delivers by presenting old and newer songs to her sold-out arena crowds. Almost certainly, concertgoers can expect to hear:

  • Believe
  • Dark Lady
  • Half Breed
  • Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves
  • Strong Enough
  • The Shoop Shoop Song aka, It’s in His Kiss
  • Turn Back Time

While she doesn’t seem to have a “set” setlist for her “Here We Go Again” tour, Cher does open most shows with Woman’s World. Besides that hit, concertgoers can expect to hear most of her most popular tunes, plus a few covers. Notably, she’ll perform some ABBA songs from Mama Mia and include some songs from her duo days with Sonny Bono.

Whatever you hear at a Cher concert, you can be sure it will be top-notch with the most outrageous costumes.  For Cher and her fans alike, the beat most certainly goes on. Who knows, maybe she’ll perform at the Super Bowl someday.