3 Famous Rappers Who Love to Give Back to Their Hometowns and Beyond

It’s no secret that many mainstream rappers come from rough beginnings. They have managed to turn their struggles into major success through the power of music while stamping their name in hip-hop. They have risen to the top without forgetting their humble roots and have decided to give back to their communities. Although there are many of them, here is a list of three famous rappers who actively give back to their hometowns.

Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Lamar will start this list of the famous rappers who love to give back with his various contributions to charity. He is a Compton, California native who constantly touches base with his hometown. Kendrick was awarded the keys to the city in 2016 for his many contributions, ranging from donations to activism.

He has given hundreds of thousands of dollars to school districts in the area. Among Kendrick’s donations is a $50,000 contribution to his high school’s music program. He gives with the hopes of helping to keep kids off the streets.

J. Cole

Jermaine Cole, also known as J. Cole, is no newbie to charity work. Among his many contributions, he started the Dreamville Foundation in October of 2011. Jermaine’s goal is to create better futures for the kids of Fayetteville, North California.

In case you didn’t know, Jermaine’s third album, 2014 Forest Hills Drive, is actually the address to his childhood home. That home was foreclosed in 2003, but J.Cole recently bought the home with the intention of making it a low-income housing for families to live in rent-free.

Chance the Rapper

This 25-year-old rapper is a well-known giver. The rapper from Chi-town has donated millions, yes millions, to charities involving education and shelters. In 2016, Chance teamed up with a local non-profit to create the “Warmest Winter” initiative, which helped raise $100,000 towards coats that turn into sleeping bags for the homeless. He also started a charity, SocialWorks, to help the youth of Chicago through education, leadership, and service.

These are only a few of many generous and famous rappers, which continue to make waves through their donations. They continue to aid in their communities and have become excellent role models on the way.