High on Fire Awarded a Grammy for the Best Metal Performance

The band, High on Fire, received a Grammy for their 2018 album, Electric Messiah. It happened under the Best Metal Performance category during the pre-telecast ceremony at this year’s Grammy Awards. Matt Pike, High on Fire’s frontman exclaimed “Wow, what a trip,” during his acceptance speech. “We never really needed an award for doing what we love. Twenty-one years later, we finally got this. Thank you to the Academy,” he added.

When they first announced High on Fire’s nomination for the honor, drummer Des Kensel, stated: “It doesn’t matter whether we win or not. It’s just an honor to be recognized for our hard work and sacrifice after devoting our whole lives to music.”

Jeff Matz, the band’s bassist, agreed, continuing with: “This is pretty mind-blowing. We’re beyond thrilled about the nomination. We all put a lot of sweat and sleepless nights into writing and recording this album. It’s amazing that our efforts are being recognized in this way.”

The Full Lineup

The full lineup of nominees for this year’s Best Metal Performance category included:

  • Between the Buried and Me for Condemned to the Gallows
  • Deafheaven for Honeycomb
  • High on Fire for Electric Messiah
  • Trivium for Betrayer
  • Underoath for On My Teeth

A portion of the Grammys broadcasted on CBS occurred on February 10. But the majority of the event, featuring awards for 84 different categories, happened during the Premiere Ceremony. And that was a non-televised event held earlier in the day. In fact, the voting body consists of 13,000 Recording Academy members. They decide which artist gets a Grammy award during the annual event.

Also, the members of this group include songwriters, artists, engineers, and producers. So, for this year’s consideration, the artists submitted nearly 21,000 recordings. For an artist to get a nomination for an award, they needed to release their music between October 2017 and the end of September 2018.