Music and More: The Perfect Gift Ideas for Pre-Teen Girls

Do you know a pre-teen girl? Whether she is your daughter, niece or even grandchild, it can be hard to decide on the perfect gift. But if you’re stumped on what to buy, fear no more. Something that is music-oriented is always a winner, but that’s not all. So, keep reading to find lots of great gift ideas for pre-teen girls.

  1. Digital Camera

Many pre-teens use their phones to take pictures, but it doesn’t mean that they wouldn’t want a digital camera. Some pre-teens have their own blogs, and the digital camera can help them take amazing pictures that will boost traffic for the blog. Other pre-teens might use their cameras to document school events or family vacations.

  1. Portable Speaker

Portable speakers are great because they allow your daughter’s room or the basement to become a dance hall. Her friends will never want to leave your house once they find out that your daughter has one of the best gadgets around for having a good time.

  1. Fun Sleepwear

Every girl likes to wear cute pajamas, so you can get a few pairs of beautiful sleepwear for your pre-teen daughter. This is especially a good gift for girls who travel a lot during the summer or who host sleepovers often.

  1. Subscription to Music Streaming Service

Pre-teens love music, and you can purchase a subscription to a music streaming service such as Pandora or Spotify. Your daughter can dance or sing along with her favorite artists while in the car or in her room as she cleans up.

  1. Hairstyling Tools

Your daughter might like to wear her hair in different ways, and hairstyling tools would make a neat gift. These tools can include hair bows, hair creams, ponytail holders, bobby pins, and styling gel.

  1. Tablet Computer

You don’t want to encourage your daughter to spend excess time on an electronic device but these days most young people love all things digital. She can visit her favorite websites, read emails, do research for school, and download games to the computer.

  1. Tickets to a Teen-Friendly Concert or Event

Another idea would be to give your daughter tickets to her favorite upcoming event. She can go with a friend, then go shopping or eat out afterward.

In conclusion, these gift ideas will make your daughter happy on her special day.