All About Beyonce’s Homecoming: The Live Album

Ever since she stepped onto the music scene, Beyoncé has never missed a chance to surprise her audience. In fact, she has built her career by leaving her fans eager for more. Over the years, Beyoncé transcended from being just a name to becoming a brand. She went from being the leading singer from Destiny’s Child to a dancer, actress, entrepreneur, producer, activists and beyond. And with her album, Homecoming: The Live Album, she doesn’t disappoint.

Coachella: Beyoncé Sets the Bar Higher

Over the years, the Coachella Music Festival has been the scene of amazing stage set-ups and live performances by famous artists. And they include Eminem, The Weekend and Daft Punk. The expectation arises every year around the Coachella Music Festival.

However, Beyoncé’s performance in 2018 set the bar higher. In fact this time, Netflix filmed the whole show to revive the experience only a few thousand people were fortunate to enjoy. Now the 37-year-old celebrity joins the Netflix family, joining her fellow singers such as Taylor Swift.

Homecoming: The Live Album

Facing the audience dressed as an African Queen, scepter in hand and the crowd cheering: “Bey-Chella,” is how “Queen B” welcomed her live album. She launched Homecoming: The Live Album and it includes an orchestra and a stage full of dancers and singers in band uniforms during the entire performance.

But this crowded stage was not just an ornament. They were there to portray the singer’s concept for this presentation. And that included the diversity and talent of African Americans. During the documentary, the singer describes how she embraces the Black culture. Also, she talks about how she wants people to see the amount of beauty and talent they have.

The complexity of every dance routine and the coordination in each of the songs was remarkable. Interestingly, it was the result of eight months of preparation for Beyoncé and her team.

Flawless Choreography and Vocals

As usual, Beyoncé prepared an elaborate choreography. Also, she kept a flawless vocal performance during the show while singing her famous hits like Crazy in Love and Drunk in Love. In addition, she released a 40-track album. It’s now available on iTunes with the concert film featuring two bonus tracks at the end.

Beyoncé maintains her cheerful energy in the presentation through the two-hour performance, showing all her skills. And they go from reaching the higher notes to rapping and dancing. The singer was also the producer and director. She took care of every detail such as the magical cinematographic effect where the performer’s outfits changed colors in between shots during the same song.

With an a Capella performance of her theme Love on Top, Beyoncé closes one of the most iconic presentations in Coachella history. So, it is not surprising that the documentary has become a massive success.