Nicki Manaj: The Real Reasons Behind the Canceled Tour Dates

Nicki Minaj has just finished her Nicki Wrld Tour, but she couldn’t seem to stop canceling her tour dates. If the rapper is to be believed she seems to be beset with technical difficulties, forcing her to cancel a few tour dates that have left fans reeling. So, what are the real reasons behind Nicki Minaj’s canceled tour dates? Read on to learn more.

Canceled Dates and Coachella Difficulties

Of course, Nicki has recently made news for the technical difficulties that have followed her all the way to the Coachella stage during her performance with Ariana Grande. Minaj and Grande were unable to hear the music during their performances, making it difficult for the friends to sing along to.

It was only the latest in the saga of technical difficulties for the rapper. Fans didn’t take the news of the canceled European dates so well. Nicki got an unwelcome surprise as former fans chanted “Cardi B!” to express their displeasure surrounding her canceled French and Dublin stops.

More of Nicki Minaj’s Canceled Tour Dates

Also, she canceled her Dublin date due to particularly rough weather within Ireland that meant some of the star’s equipment was unable to make the performance. Nicki has also canceled dates in Bratislava, Slovakia, and Bordeaux, France. The performances were canceled so late that fans had already entered the venue. Nicki claims that the venues lacked the power to host the rapper.

Clearly, Nicki felt bad for her fans, holding a meet and great for them at the Slovakia stop. She would later take to Instagram to try and appease the angry fans, claiming that the venues didn’t inform her they would be unable to properly host her until immediately before the performances.

Will a Change in Management Fix Nicki Minaj’s Problems?

Though the rapper claimed this was due to technical difficulties, some have noted that tickets for the European stops were not selling well. In fact, Nicki was later forced to offer 2-for-1 tickets to her London stop.

The star had already canceled the North American leg of her tour late last year due to poor ticket sales. But the bad news doesn’t end there for the rap star. In addition to recent career drama, Nicki Minaj decided to disassociate from her long-time management team in late April. Fans can only hope that helps her ticket sales in the future.