8 of the Best Ways for Music Lovers to Make Some Cash

If you love music, you don’t have to just sit at home and enjoy it. You can look for creative ways to make some cash off your passion. Even if you’re not a musician, you can find all kinds of side hustles that pertain to music. One idea would be to run an online music store where you can sell CDs and vinyl albums of all kinds of genres. Another idea would be to create a music niche website and use affiliate marketing to monetize it. Here are eight additional ways for music buffs to make money.

  1. Start a YouTube Channel

If you’re a new musician who has a message to share with a wide audience, start a YouTube channel. You can feature all of your original songs and sell your own downloads through links you can include in the description. Another idea would be to create a music release review channel. You would give your honest opinions on the latest CDs.

  1. Be a Mobile DJ

If you specialize in a certain music genre, you can work at parties, weddings, and other local events as a mobile DJ. Here is a helpful resource that details how you can get started.

  1. Jobs With Music Streaming Services

Another idea to make some cash would be to find remote jobs with music streaming services such as Pandora or Spotify. You can work in departments such as customer service, social media or promotions.

  1. Teach Music Lessons

For those who are trained musicians, a cool idea would be to teach music lessons in your home, at schools, local community centers or at client’s homes. Create some flyers and bring them to the above-mentioned places. You can also place some ads on Craigslist and in local classified ads. If you have friends whose children need music tutors, offer your services to them.

  1. Write for Online Music Magazines

If you love music and are skilled at writing, then write for a few online music magazines. You could write do interviews and write reviews and opinion pieces about the music industry. Also, you can make recommendations for the best music festivals in certain cities. This is probably the most enjoyable for a music lover to make some cash.

  1. Sell Music Courses Online

This is an amazing way of earning passive income as a musician. You can sell courses on proper guitar playing techniques, best ways to network with insiders in the music business, how to understand record contracts, or jazz piano techniques. The list is endless, and you can teach multiple courses to maximize profits. Two neat websites for online courses are Udemy and Teachable.

  1. Work at a Radio Station

Even in this digital age, radio stations are alive and well. You want to create a short demo tape that is no more than 15 minutes long that shows how well you would do during a radio broadcast. You want to mail these along with your resume to the local radio stations you’re interested in.

  1. Create a Music App

Before you do this, you need to make sure that your music app idea isn’t one that is already in use and that successful. Your idea should be unique yet still have the potential for growth. SPIN Magazine┬áhas a list of music app ideas to inspire you.