3 of the Best Apps to Identify the Songs You Just Can’t Remember

John Tekeridis at Pexels

In the old days, if you heard a song playing on the radio or on TV, you’d just have to wrack your brain until something popped out. It was rather frustrating. But nowadays, thanks to the stupendous power of the internet, there are apps to identify the songs you just can’t remember. So, here are three of the best apps to end your suffering. Finally, you can put a name to that song that’s worming its way through your brain.

  1. Shazam

Shazam is the Rolls Royce of music identification apps. You can get it for Android or iOS, no problem. All you have to do is hit the magic blue circle after opening the app and let it identify the songs for you. After a moment it will buzz, and the app will come up with your song title and artist, just like that. You can even rig it to search automatically when you open the app.

  1. SoundHound

This app is a bit like Shazam in that you have a big, obvious button to push to identify the songs you can’t remember. You can also activate it with your voice. After all, when something is playing on the radio, time is of the essence. You don’t want to run out of time while you’re fumbling with the phone.

You could miss the end of the song. So, if you just say “OK Hound,” you can activate it. This is also the app that you want if the song isn’t playing right now and you want to be able to just hum the tune to get it that way.

  1. SpotSearch

SpotSearch isn’t free, but if you’re a Spotify addict, this is the perfect app for you to get your music fix. You can search by lyrics and then get a link directly to Spotify to listen to it there right away. You can also search to identify the songs you need on YouTube.

Thanks to these three apps, you no longer have to wrack your brain to remember a song title. All of these apps are easy to use and identify the songs you need to know. So, give them a try and save your brain cells.